Our Leadership

Ron Maddox
CEO / Owner

Ron Maddox is a success driven individual who has a proven record of growing and developing companies to maximize their potential. Mr. Maddox was responsible for growing Data Aid, a privately owned Information Technology consulting company, from thirteen to one hundred and fifty consultants. After COMSYS acquired Data Aid Mr. Maddox assumed a role as Vice President of corporate development growing the number of consultants to three hundred and fifty. Today he is applying this same drive to building Professional Technical Services (PTS) into a national provider of satellite based internet and video services and installation fulfillment company.

He developed the RECAP (Resource Education and Commitment Awareness Program). This included securing commitments from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Georgia Tech University, and securing client participation. The RECAP program brought together the business and academic requirements in a WIN situation for everyone. Today he is applying concepts from this program to implement the PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL SERVICES (PTS) Affiliate/Affinity programs that results in additional Professional Technical Services (PTS) sales throughout Alabama and the Southeast.

COMSYS merged with Metamor Worldwide and Mr. Maddox became Southeast Divisional Senior Vice President Responsible for management and budgets of regional Information Technology offices in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL and St Louis, MO.

After leaving Metamor and prior to starting Professional Technical Services (PTS), Mr. Maddox invested in the startup and growth of Excelliant Consulting Services and Tridigital Broadband. Both of these organizations gained Mr. Maddox additional valuable broadband network skills that have translated into developing better home and business internet network solutions for Professional Technical Services (PTS) clients.

He currently devotes all of his efforts toward maximizing the growth potential of Professional Technical Services (PTS) so that it can be the leader providing high quality home entertainment, high speed internet solutions and the national installation fulfillment company he envisioned when starting PTS.He has led his team from a small regional satellite internet installation fulfillment company to a major player in the fulfillment arena covering five states in just under two years. His previous experience developing businesses has proven a great asset in growing Professional Technical Services (PTS) from a one man dream to the national company it has become. Mr. Maddox's management philosophy is based on responsibility, positive attitude, and mutual respect. He has developed an environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for customers, employees, vendors and partners. He has created an environment where:

  • Management structure is flat and communication is encouraged,
  • Mutual respect and sharing of knowledge is encouraged,
  • Creativity can flourish,
  • Generating new ideas and products are well rewarded,
  • Developing, maintaining, and promoting positive attitudes are a priority.
Tom Downey
Executive Vice President Operations / CFO

Tom responsibilities include managing all of the financial aspects of Professional Technical Services (PTS). This includes responsibility for all financial planning and forecasting. He is an active participant in shaping the strategy of Professional Technical Services (PTS). Specific duties include overseeing accounts payable, payroll, monthly taxes, accounts receivable, U-Haul operations and management of in house sales & service employees.

Prior to joining Professional Technical Services (PTS) Tom was operations manager for a multi-million dollar company for +25 years where he was responsible for the P&L and yearly budgets. Job duties included: overseeing daily operations including accounts payable & receivable, managing & directing employees, inventory control, and customer service. He handled regional account audits & compliance assessments including safety. He setup new accounts that included new employee hiring, equipment installation and work flow schedules.

Because of his extensive knowledge in inventory and financial control Tom has had many positive influences on Professional Technical Services (PTS) inventory management and financial condition. Since joining Professional Technical Services (PTS) he has implanted an inventory management system that allows Professional Technical Services (PTS) to know exactly how much, DIRECTV and ViaSat Exede equipment is on hand at any given time plus provides excellent forecasting for future shipments. His ability to identify areas of improvement for enhancing bottom line revenue has resulted in a continued positive cash flow for Professional Technical Services (PTS).
Sheila Cobb
Office Manager

Sheila Cobb joins Professional Technical Services (PTS) as our Office Manager. Sheila has 25+ years of management experience in Corporate America as well as the Private Sector. Whether managing a team of 25 or 2 her ethics are the same, for all, discipline, patience, honesty and strength to stand up for what is fair and right. Sheila believes in treating others with kindness and understanding and lives by the philoshophy, not matter the situation treat others the way you want to be treated and the end results will be a win for all involved.
Amy Emfinger
Sales & Quality Assurance Associate

Amy greets all PTS customers with a smile and insures that their needs are met whether they are inquiring about DIRECTV, DISH, HughesNet Gen4, ViaSat/Exede or U-Haul. Amy confirms that each customer is well informed of all equipment and pricing both during and after any promotional periods. Amy also assists with all Professional Technical Services (PTS) marketing and sales campaigns and events.

Prior to joining the Professional Technical Services (PTS) team Amy worked in the medical and food industries where she was the face for client relations and support. She has been able to utilize the skills gained in her former roles toward the PTS sales, Quality Assurance and Customer Relation programs. She is responsible for assuring that all Professional Technical Services (PTS) customers are contacted after the product installation to assure that they had a pleasant experience from order inception through the installation process of their DIRECTV and ViaSat Exede products. If issues are found she has the authority to address them through the PTS QA/CR teams.
James Cleckler
Staff Accountant

James is staff accountant for Professional Technical Services (PTS). In this role he is responsible for all accounting functions. He maintains all financial reports and monitors cash flow requirements. He also is responsible for maintaining our internal software tracking systems used for inventory, work assignments and new orders. This system is used for inventory management, entering work orders for technicians, tracking job statuses and closing work orders.

Prior to joining Professional Technical Services (PTS) James was an accountant for a major CPA firm for seven years and staff accountant for a commercial real estate developer for six years. The many years of managing the accounting functions that James brings to Professional Technical Services (PTS) assures that all financial reporting meets the highest level of accounting standards when tracking revenue and expenses for DIRECTV, DISH, HughesNet Gen4, ViaSat Exede and U-Haul.
Mike Minotti

My name is Mike Minotti and my family and I live in Dothan Al, where we have resided since 2008. I attended Faulkner State University and graduated from CFCC with a Pre-Engineering degree.

Prior to joining Professional Technical Services (PTS) I worked in the food industry as a restaurant manager where I started as a bus boy and worked my way up to management. I also managed a Directv contracting group for 5 years and was considered the #1 group for 3 of those years. I believe in hard work, getting the job done right the first time, and loyalty and with my proven leadership skills I am now the Director of Operations for Professional Technical Services.

I began working with PTS as a Quality Assurance Technician and now manage a team of Technician's who are responsible for installations, service calls, inventory and quality assurance for each job. A very important part of my duties as Director of Operations is customer relations, ensuring the customer's expectations are met in a professional and timely manner.